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Dear colleagues in the field of Chemical Sensors and related

The 12th Asian Conference on Chemical Sensors (ACCS2017) will be held from 12-15 November, 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam: The country of peace and plentiful culture. ACCS2017 is the largest interdisciplinary forum for Asian scientists to exchange the most exciting and the latest breakthroughs in chemical sensors and related fields. The highlights of ACCS2017 will include outstanding keynote speakers as well as prestigious invited talks, poster presentations, exhibitions and cultural/social programs. The ACCS2017 specially emphases on but not limited to several topics including Sensor Fundamentals, Sensor System & Devices, Application & Technology, and Modelling & Evaluation.

ACCS2017 invites submission of high quality unpublished papers in the following areas. Papers in other related areas may also be considered:

A – Sensor Fundamentals

A1 – Fundamentals: Principle & Methodology
A2 – Sensing Mechanism: Semiconductor & Nanotechnology
A3 – New Sensing & Functionalized Materials

B – Sensor System & Devices

B1 – Chemical Sensors
B2 – Electrochemical Sensor
B3 – Optical Sensor
B4 – Biochemical Sensors
B5 – Bio Inspired Sensing
B6 –Hybrid Sensor Devices
B7 –Sensor packaging

C- Application & Technology

C1 – E-Nose: Devices and Application
C2 – Sensing for Health, Safety and Security
C3 – Chemical Sensing for Environmental
C4 – Wireless Sensor Network & IoT
C5 –Flexible and Stretchable Sensors
C6 – Mobile Olfaction
C7 –Chemical Sensors for Agriculture and the Food Industry

D – Chemometrics, Modelling & Evaluation

D1 – Sensor Arrays
D2 – Data Analysis & Chemometrics
D3 – Sensor Fusion
D4 – Modelling and Evaluation

E – Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

(This symposium is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the International Training Institute for Materials Science (ITIMS).We would like to invite all friends of ITIMS to participate in this symposium)

  •  E1 –Magnetism, multiferroism, and topological insulators
  •  E2 – Advanced materials and functional devices
  •  E3 – Micro- and nanotechnology and applications
  •  E4 – Photonics and semiconductor nanophysics
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